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楊 尚眞

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教員氏名 楊 尚眞(ヤン サンジン) 職名  教授
略歴 【学歴】
シカゴ神学大学院 牧会学専攻牧会学博士課程修了
シカゴ神学大学院 キリスト教教育学専攻哲学博士課程修了

学位 Ph.D.(キリスト教教育学)、D.Min.(牧会学)、Th.M.(キリスト教教育学)、M.Div.(牧会学)
担当する科目 キリスト教学Ⅰ・Ⅱ、聖書と文学(文学部)
専門分野 キリスト教教育学/牧会学
主な業績 【著書】

 1.「Martin Luther's View of Vocation and its Influence on Religious Education」
 3.「Dietrich Bohnoeffer's view of Discipleship and Vocation」



The study of Christian education for social transformation

 My major is Christian education and I am particurally interested in researching the problem of social injustice in the context of the liberative educational theories. I research into liberative educators who have a passion for social transformation, including Paulo Freire, Daniel Schippani and Thomas Groome, using the insights of liberation theologies that puts emphasis on social transformation, to form an educational methodology towards a more just society. I believe that the liberation theologies envision a future that is grounded in the religious symbol that has evolved from the central teaching of Jesus Christ about the Kingdom of God, and the notion that is best understood from the perspective of the liberation theologies with its utopian hope.


書名 境界線(Boundaries) 著者 ヘンリ・クラウド、ジョン・タウンゼント(Henry Cloud、 John Townsend ) 出版社 地引網出版 (Zondervan)

 This book for me was basically a refresher course on previous knowledge of boundaries. Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend really explain in great detail how to set boundaries, enforce them, and how to react to people who respond to your boundaries in a negative manner. This is very important, and is the reason some people are hesitant to set boundaries in the first place, because they fear it will damage relationships (in marriage and friendships) or cause people to resent or be bitter towards them. Cloud and Townsend addressed it in a concise, insightful way that it is not overly complicated or confusing. They also give advice and practical information and instruction on how to apply boundaries to every part of a person's day and life. This book is for anyone that wasn't given instruction on just what healthy and unhealthy boundries are. The insights in this book are helpful and up-to-date. It's full of wisdom. I truly recommend this book to you.

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