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教員氏名 Edward "Edo" Forsythe(エドワード・"エド"・フォーサイス) 職名 教授
略歴 【学歴】
 エクセルシア大学(Excelsior College)文学部卒業
 米軍語学学校(Defense Language Institute)ロシア語上級クラス修了
 モントレー国際大学院(Monterey Institute of International Studies)修士課程修了
 ノースセントラル大学(Northcentral University)博士候

 米軍海軍所属 ロシア語の通訳者とロシア語講師 階級:上級上等兵曹
学位  修士(外国語教育)
担当する科目  Interpretation/Translation、Cultural Studies C、
 欧米文学・文化演習ⅠC・D、ⅡC・D、Oral CommunicationⅢA・B、
 Advanced Discourse A、Business English、海外研修ⅠA(事前準備/アメリカ)、
専門分野  外国語教育;CALL
主な業績 【著書】
・Flipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Language Learning
 Classroom(共著、2016、IGI Global)
・CALL:What`s your Motivation?(共著、2011、JALTCALL)

・Evaluating EFL Learning Websites: A Review of Existing Websites Based on
 Expert and Empirical Analysis Factors
(単著、2016、弘前大学21世紀教育フォーラム 第11号)
・Current Theories Driving Communicative EFL Education
(単著、2016、弘前学院大学文学部紀要 第52号)
・Improving Assessment in Japanese University EFL Classes: A Model for
 Implementing Research-Based Language Assessment Practices
(単著、2015、弘前大学21世紀教育フォーラム 第10号)
・From Student to Professor: A Case Study of Passion and Dedication
(単著、2015、弘前学院大学英語・英米文学会学会誌 第39号)
・Online intercultural collaborations using wikis: An analysis of students’
 comments and factors affecting project success
(単著、2014、The JALTCALL Journal 第10(3)号)
・A Critical Review of the School District of Philadelphia's ELL Education Program
(単著、2014、Pennsylvania Educational Leadership Journal 33(2))
・The Grammar-Teaching Conundrum-A Reflective Essay
(単著、2014、弘前大学21世紀教育フォーラム 第9号)
・Autonomous Language Learning with Technology
(単著、2013、The JALTCALL Journal 9(3))
・Using Technology to Master English
(単著、2011、弘前学院大学文学部紀要 第47号)
・Teaching Today's Students
(単著、2010、弘前学院大学文学部紀要 第46号)
Japan Association for Language Teaching(JALT);JALTCALL Special Interest Group Officer


 Technology as a Tool for Language Learning Autonomy

   Today's students have many opportunities to use technology in learning English. Computers, smartphones, and the Internet provide today's learners, with the tools they need to become autonomous learners, As a teacher, I strive to open my students' eyes to how technology can help them improve their language learning; and to show them how to use technology to continue their language learning beyond the classroom. I have given presentations on this topic at several regional and national-level conferences in both America and Japan, and I hope to continue to share my experience with my fellow language teachers in Japan.




書名 It Worked for Me 著者 Gen. Colin Powell 出版社 Harper Collins: 2012

   Colin Powell is one of the most respected Americans of the 20th Century. He rose through the ranks of the US Army to become the senior-most military leader in the U.S. government, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He then served as the Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. This book captures his wisdom and suggestions for being a successful and great leader. I learned many things from this book, such as how to deal with mistakes or failures and how to move beyond adversity. I highly recommend this book and believe it has many lessons for us all.


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